Should I choose a modern or traditional conservatory?

A conservatory can be a wonderful addition to a home, adding much needed space. However, there are so many options to go for when choosing what style of conservatory would work best with the rest of your home.

There is much to consider, such as use and practicality, and what would seamlessly fit in with the style of your home. This makes it tough to choose between a modern or a traditional conservatory style, but we have provided some information for you to make this task easier.

So what is classed as a traditional conservatory? These are classic and timeless, and often inspired by historical structures from the Victorian, Edwardian and Georgian eras.

A Victorian style conservatory are typically octagonal with multi-faceted fronts. This style blends into the existing property with its pitched roof and ornate edges. These are ideal for smaller spaces due to the shape.

An Edwardian conservatory is similar to a Victorian one, but is asymmetrical in style. They are more spacious due to the rectangular structure, but still holds lots of ornate details. Georgian conservatories, or gable conservatories, have a vertical front and a steep pitched roof. Often seen in stately homes, the finishing touches give it an almost regal feel. These can also be made to feel contemporary by minimising the ornate details and keeping the structure simple.

Modern conservatories are often simple in design with clean lines and lean-to style roofs. They are usually spacious, and can serve as an extension to a pre-existing room such as a kitchen, instead of creating a new one. They can be made in pretty much any way you design, the opportunities are endless.

Styles to consider are the lean-to: simple and fuss-free. These create a large and easy to use open space, with big windows. Another style is the ‘P-Shape’. This is a combination of styles, typically Victorian and Edwardian to create a larger space which can be used for all the family.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Contemporary homes often benefit more by having a modern style conservatory, although having a traditional conservatory may add a touch of grandeur and character to a home. Likewise, older houses may benefit more by having a traditional style conservatory, but you may decide to bring your home into the modern world with a modern conservatory.

Either way, a conservatory is a great way to add space and value to your house, whatever style you decide to go with. Talk to our design team, and we can find the style that suits you.