We are delighted to introduce to you our brand-new range of contemporary glass extensions.  Creating a gloriously spacious environment, our contemporary glass extensions can fill your property with natural light, adding a totally new and luxurious dimension to your living space.

If you want to break down the barriers between your home and the world outside then our glass extensions offer you the opportunity to create an area of your home that is completely surrounded by nature.  Step into your newly installed contemporary glass extension to bathe yourself in sunlight, watch wildlife explore your garden, or see the snowflakes float down during winter.  All these things are possible as our contemporary glass extensions offer excellent heat retention, allowing you to comfortably enjoy the nature that surround you all year round.

Glass extensions are not a new phenomenon, but until you have experienced stepping into one of our contemporary glass extensions you are yet to realise their true majesty.  We can offer you a stunningly stylish extension to really set your home apart and make you the envy of friends, colleagues and neighbours.

Ours is a completely bespoke service, so we can give you the contemporary glass extension you always dreamed of.  If you want a frameless extension, bringing in light from all angles and completely immersing you in your outdoor surroundings then we can craft one for you.  Likewise, if you want a glass extension framed in a sharp metallic finish or, perhaps, a classy wooden frame, we can provide that for you too.

However you imagine your perfect glass extension, that is what we will create for you.

The contemporary glass extensions we craft also come installed with high performance, self-cleaning-sealed units, allowing you to enjoy a clear view at all times and making our extensions much easier to maintain and clean.

So if you are interested creating sumptuous garden room for your home then why not take a little time to browse through our photo gallery of magnificent contemporary glass extensions.