Ever thought of a glass house?

The glass room is the latest way of extending your home into the garden.

With the best high-tech materials, you’re now able to construct a modern looking room that is floor to ceiling glass, giving the amazing illusion that you are outside while still in the comfort of your own home.

We’re experts in the design and fitting of glass rooms, and can help you to decide on the space that you want for your home. With as much or as little visible supporting structure as you want – all within the bounds of structural safety, of course – you can build as glass room that fills your home with light while looking invisible to the passer by.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Of course, some designers have taken the concept of the glass room and run with it. While garden buildings are popular among people who have the land to build them on, the latest luxury garden product is the glass building.Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)

We might like to point out that my grandfather had a large all-glass garden building in which he grew his tomatoes. However, modern glass buildings in gardens are a far cry from the greenhouse.

For a start, they’re built on the same high standards and with much the same modern technology as glass rooms. The only difference is that the glass building is now entirely stand alone, away from the house to which its cousin is attached.

The modern glass house can be both a sun room and a greenhouse. Some even have a fire place and chimney system rising up through the middle, so they become a comfortably warm space in the garden during the winter. Whatever their use, they make a striking addition to larger gardens, pushing glass and construction technology to its current limits. Our only reservation is that you can’t have a toilet.

While glass houses are the current high-water mark in garden building technology, you can still enjoy the experience with a glass room as part of your home. Luxurious and modern, the glass room stands apart from the traditional conservatory.