Finding the right floor for your conservatory

So, you’ve got the glass room of your dreams, and all you have to do now is kit it out ready for use. But you’re stuck. You have no idea what type of flooring would work best for the space you have created. Don’t panic, whether it’s practicality or style you are looking for, we’ve comprised a simple guide to help you find the perfect conservatory flooring for you.

Natural stones, such as marble and granite, can give a wonderful finish to a room. It can also be highly practical, and give a glamorous feel to a room, whilst being easy to maintain. Marble is a wonderful material, oozing luxury and classical elegance. Marble would be ideal in a conservatory that would be used to entertain guests, such as a dining room. However, this stone does come at quite a cost, but if it is within budget for you, it is definitely worth considering for your conservatory.

Granite is a hard-wearing stone, and would work perfectly in a conservatory which would receive a lot of use. It can be polished to a gloss finish, and has extraordinary clarity to it. Although still an expensive stone, it is more affordable then marble, and is very dense and durable. Good to consider for families.

Ceramic tiles are an affordable option available to many. They are easy to get hold of, and come in a range of colours and styles to suit any scheme in your conservatory. Perfect for anyone looking to create a unique style in their additional room.

Oak flooring just screams traditional elegance, due to the rich colour and texture in the grain. Oak can be found in many shades, perfect to match your conservatory. It can be very versatile, and give a natural and warming feel to your conservatory. Although this can be a bit pricey, it would certainly create a talking point in your home.

Bamboo has many ecological properties, making its popularity rocket in recent years, as it is harvested after a much shorter period of time compared to other woods, but still contains very resilient properties. Bamboo is highly durable, fairly affordable, and it’s good for the planet too!

Yet another wooden flooring option which is more affordable, is cork. Cork is both practical and stylish. Cork never loses its shape, and is a natural insulator, plus is makes floors soft and comfortable to walk on whilst staying durable. Cork is very good value for money, and would suit anyone looking for a conservatory flooring solution that is practical at a great price.