How to get rid of condensation in a conservatory

Beat conservatory condensation

We all take pride in our conservatories, and want them to be in the best condition they can be. Unfortunately, some of us suffer with condensation, especially in the winter months when the air outside is cooler. This causes clear windows to mist up and become damp in our conservatories.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Don’t panic though, as there is plenty you can do to stop this from happening, and keep your glass room conservatory  in top condition!

Glass room conservatories are built to be air-tight, which we are all thankful for on horrible rainy days, keeping indoors warm and dry. But this means that ventilation is often at a minimum. Poor ventilation is often the cause of condensation, as moisture builds up and produces water vapour, condensing on the cold glass windows of your conservatory.

If left, could also cause mould to grow, which can damage your furnishings and your glass room. Mould can also have a bad affect on your families health, with asthma suffers finding conditions unbearable.

The key to combating condensation is ensuring you get a good flow of air around your glass room. This can be done by simply opening a window slightly and having the heating on, getting the air to cycle round the room using convection.

Many household activities produce water vapour in the air, which can collect towards creating condensation. This could be anything from bathing, cleaning, cooking, to even washing up. If possible, try to open a window while doing these, or use ventilation such as cooker hoods, and have appliances such as tumble dryers vented outside to prevent moisture in the air. Also be wary of curtains and blinds over windows, making sure these don’t stop air flow, or trap moisture to the window.

If you find your glass room suffers badly from damp, and just opening a window isn’t being effective enough, you may consider investing in a dehumidifier. This is a simple bit of kit that removes the moisture from the air, which means there won’t be any to cling onto your conservatory windows. Although these can come at a cost, you could rent one over the winter months instead, and they can be compact so they don’t take up too much valuable space in your home.