Glazing Options

Your choice of glass for the roof and vertical glazing will have a major impact on the overall feel and comfort of your new room. Choosing the right glass is perhaps one of the most important decisions that you will need to make, but it needn’t be a tough one. The following comparison chart is designed to help you choose the perfect combination of SAINT-GOBAIN GLASS products that will enable your new room to exactly match your specific criteria.

Benefits of glass over polycarbonate roof panels

  • A glass roof dramatically improves the vision area from within, opening up more views, allowing in more natural light and instantly giving any type of glass room a wow factor.
  • A dramatic reduction in the noise of falling rain with a glass roof
  • Each of the four tint options has a character to suit 
  • Stays clean and mould free
  • Better thermal insulation (when combined with PLANITHERM 4S) compared to 25mm polycarbonate


Maintenance and Cleaning

  • Self-cleaning glass provides you with clearer views for much longer and less cleaning. However it is not 100% maintenance-free.
  • For those stubborn stains such as bird excrement and tree sap, SAINT-GOBAIN has a recommended list of cleaning and maintenance products designed specifically for use with BIOCLEAN conservatory roof glass.