How to heat a glass roomed conservatory

Conservatories and glass rooms can be such a fantastic space within a home, but one major concern for anyone considering getting one is the heating. A conservatory must be comfortable all year round, warm in winter and cool in summer, for it to be a practical room. Luckily there are no building regulations for the heating of conservatories, as long as they have a separate heating system from the main house, and the power control must be in the conservatory. This means there is plenty that can be done to make your conservatory the perfect space for use all year.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Firstly, it is good idea to ensure your room has double insulated windows, as heat escapes through single insulated windows eight times faster than through double glazed windows. This just goes to show that just by ensuring that your conservatory has been built to a high standard (such as our own), it will be more cost efficient to heat.

Underfloor heating is an option which can make your conservatory snug and cosy. It is completely silent and hidden out of site, so no ugly fittings, plus it is very easy to install and doesn’t require access to plumbing. Heat can be equally distributed throughout the room, and underfloor heating is compatible with different types of floors ranging from stone, wooden and tiled. Heating can also be controlled easily by a thermostat, ensuring that you can the perfect temperature for you in the room.

Why not consider a radiator in your conservatory? The best type to get is an electric one that is separate from your central system, as they are much simpler and cheaper to install. They heat the room quickly, but plans for an electric radiator should ideally be put into initial conservatory plans to avoid it looking unsightly.

One luxury which must be included for anyone planning to create the ultimate cosy space in winter is a wood burning stove. Admittedly these are not for everyone, but can you imagine a snowy winters evening all curled up in front of the fire? These will need to be professionally fitted, with double insulation around where the flue meets the ceiling to avoid loss of heat. These may also be more difficult to maintain with cleaning and fire-proofing.

Contact us today to find out more ways of heating your conservatory, and which one would be more beneficial to you and your home.