How to keep your conservatory clean

Cleaning is the bane of any home-owner, but nevertheless it has to be done. However, there are ways you can make tackling the task of cleaning your conservatory much simpler and easier, making your household chores much less of a dull struggle.

To make sure you make the most of natural sunlight in your conservatory, you will need to maintain a clean roof. This can be quite simple with glass roofs as you can clean them like any other window, all you will require is a telescopic pole and warm soapy water. However, those with polycarbonate roofs will require more attention, due to the chemicals used to preserve them from the elements. Household cleaning products may damage polycarbonate roofs, as will vagarious scrubbing. The supplier of your polycarbonate roof should give you tips and advice as to the best and effective way to clean your roof without damaging it.

Conservatories made from PVC frames can be easily cleaned using warm soapy water, however wooden frames may be more complex to clean. If your wooden frame is untreated, try brushing it down twice a year to remove mildew and mould. If you would like to treat your wooden conservatory, try using Tung Oil. This will keep the wood strong and water resistant, making it easier to maintain, as it will require less looking after. A professional will be able to do this for you.

Another easy way you can prevent having to clean your conservatory so much is to routinely check and clean the gutters and pipes. By removing blockages and mould, you can prevent leaks and damp growing in your conservatory. Just a few minutes every now and again checking this can save you lots of time and money down the line. It’s all about prevention, not cure!

Also, by simply opening windows and allowing a free flowing circulation of air, you can prevent condensation, which can ultimately turn into mould inside your conservatory. No home-owner wants to be battling mould in their conservatory, so this simple tip can save much time and energy in the future when it comes to cleaning your conservatory. However, modern designs are specifically designed to combat condensation, so for most this won’t be a worry.

All these tips can save you plenty of time and money, keeping your conservatory in great condition so you can continue to love and use it.