Conservatory Blinds

What kind of blinds should I choose for my Conservatory?

Conservatories let you really take advantage of how much light you want to let into your living space – and there is no greater way to control this than by having blinds. But, with so much choice on the market, it is difficult to know which type to go for.

The biggest problem most people with conservatories face is how to keep the space cool in summer, and warm and snug in winter. Blinds can help you to regulate and insulate your room, it’s all about finding the most effective blinds for your needs.

Venetian blinds can be brilliant at controlling how much light you want into your conservatory. You can angle the streams of light effectively to make the most of your space. You will also be able to close them to act as an insulating layer and keeping heat in and out of your conservatory, making the room snug and cosy.

Vertical blinds are another simple, yet stylish way you can control the amount of light in your conservatory. They give a calming feel to your space, and can be pulled right back to allow maximum light and an uninterrupted view of your garden. They can be versatile and practical, as well as easy to clean and maintain.

Roman blinds are wonderful, as they can help to add style into your conservatory. Lined Roman blinds will help to create a warm atmosphere in your space, especially at nights and in winter, keeping the room functional all year round. However, during the summer you may find controlling the amount of light harder with a Roman blind style. Roman blinds may benefit cooler north facing conservatories, due to their insulating properties.

Pleated blinds are also another option to consider. When used in conservatory roofs, it can help to make your space energy efficient, as it helps to regulate the temperature in the room.

The great thing about blinds is having the power to control how much light you need in the room, as well as providing privacy. There is so much you can choose from, all of which offering individual qualities to suit your needs. Hopefully our short guide has helped you to choose from such a wide range of blinds available.