New glass products from Aspect projects

Aspect, the driving force that keeps the UK glazing and conservatory industries moving ever forward with new products, ideas and innovations have seemingly done it again with their latest new product lines.

The leeds-based company have recently announced a new addition to their Optitherm range, which they’ll market under a new name. This product, they say, is a superior glass that is unique to the United Kingdom.

The great selling point to this product is that it is versatile enough to be used in a number of applications, and is hugely efficient as an insulator, meaning (they say) “reduced energy bills, increased interior comfort and improved environmental impact through reduced CO2 emissions”. And who can argue with that?

As regards its use, the new glass is particularly effective as part of Insulating Glass Units, which are common in all sort of modern windows from offices to homes and conservatories, especially when there is a particularly high proportion of the structure to be glazed.

Yes, Aspect say, it’s absolutely perfect for conservatory building, which means we can’t wait to get our hands on it and try for ourselves.

Also new from Aspect comes Activ , another addition to their self-cleaning glass range. It’s a combination of two of their existing ideas – self-cleaning glass with solar controls that prevent direct sunlight penetrating your conservatory and making it too hot.

It’s one of those “Why didn’t we think of it before?” ideas, but it seems to be a perfect addition to their product line and one that is certain to be popular among customers, designers and fitters of glass rooms and orangeries why not find out more.

Self-cleaning glass is a boon for conservatory owners, particularly if the roof is going to prove hard to clean manually. It’s very environmentally friendly, and uses the power of the sun to break down organic dirt, which is washed away by rain (or a helpful hosepipe), meaning ease of streaming film The Great Wall 2016 online

With new products arriving all the time, conservatories become all the more appealing. No longer are they that too hot or too cold addition to the side of a house, but instead come into their own as a welcoming room in themselves.