Orangeries come back into fashion in a big way

Everybody’s saying that orangeries are the new conservatories. While that’s hardly the case – demand for the traditional conservatory is still as strong as ever – customers are increasingly on the look out for something a little bit different to their neighbour.

That means we’ve seen greater demand for both glass rooms – which add the illusion of outside into you home’s living space, and the old-fashioned orangery.

Orangeries differ from conservatories in that they were originally designed (as the name implies) as an indoor space to grow and display trees and plants that would otherwise struggle in the British climate. While around for some time, they became particularly fashionable in well-to-do Victorian estates as a display of how well travelled the owners of the home might have been. The conservatory evolved from the orangery as a place to sit in the warmth of the sun, only without the bother of all those plants.Movie Fifty Shades Darker (2017)

Now, it appears that demand for the orangery is back. Orangeries are designed to look like an organic part of the house to which they are attached, so usually they maximise brickwork and support structure, and it’s built to match the home’s architecture as much as possible. The idea is to make it look like the orangery has always been there rather than a recent addition. This means they’re more like a traditional home extension rather that a separate conservatory build.

Orangery use is also changing from the original tropical fruit house. Many modern orangeries are now superbly realised kitchen extensions, extending the cooking and eating areas out into the garden to bring more space and natural light, with a design focused toward unashamed luxury.

As with all conservatories, glass rooms and orangeries designed and built by Aspect Projects, we only use the best and most energy efficient materials. That means sealed glass units work to cut down on heat loss in the winter, and keep you cool in the summer, while supporting structures meet all current building regulations.

Speak to our design team, and we’ll help you extend your home with a top quality orangery.