Pollard Orangery Interior

10% Discount on all products in December

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Winter in the UK

Your Orangery is not just for summer

Are you considering an Orangery but think you need to wait until…
Inside Double Lantern Orangery

What is an Orangery

What are Orangeries? With the growing popularity in orangeries,…
Red Composite Door

New Composite Door Designer

Check out our new Composite Door designer allowing customers…
Choosing the right Conservatory

Choosing the right conservatory for your home

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Orangery Interior

Planning your Orangery's Interior

Just like a conservatory, an orangery can add the extra space…
Conservatory Blinds

What kind of blinds should I choose for my Conservatory?

Conservatories let you really take advantage of how much light…
Conservatory Blinds

After you've bought an orangery, how about growing some oranges?

It seems a bit daft really, you've bought an orangery, so why…
Conservatory Blinds

How to keep your conservatory clean

Cleaning is the bane of any home-owner, but nevertheless it has…
Conservatory Blinds

How does a glass room differ from a conservatory?

The latest trend in affordable home extensions is the glass room.…