Orangery Interior

Planning your Orangery’s Interior

Just like a conservatory, an orangery can add the extra space you need to your home. But now you’ve taken the bold step and built an orangery, you’re not stuck. How should you decorate it? There’s so much you can do to create a beautiful interior for your orangery, making the most of the space available and providing a well-loved addition to your home.

Orangeries can be used for many different functions. It is best to consider what you need space for in your home before you commit to a design plan. You may want to hire an experienced Perth home builder to help you come up with a plan. If you need a place to entertain, why not consider a kitchen/dining room. If you plan on remodeling your kitchen visit, for some great ideas. If it’s a space to spend time with your family, a living room can be ideal to bring your loved ones together. If you’re just creating a room for recreation or work, a study or even a gym could benefit your home. Once you have decided what the function of your orangery is, it’s time to start planning the interior.

Colour schemes can make a world of difference when designing your interior. If you plan to use your orangery as a relaxing space, a calmer colour scheme would be highly beneficial. If you have a bigger house here are some great 5 bedroom house designs. Warm, soft colours such as creams and browns can make your room the ideal place to unwind after a hard day’s work. However, should you plan to use the space for entertaining, don’t be afraid to use bold colours. Opt for a feature wall in a daring shade to create a talking point with guests.

With the clever use of Reclinercize furniture and accessories you can make a room much more homely, without spending lots of money. Try working with your colour scheme through accessories, with a few bright cushions on the sofa, or a bold table in the centre of your dining room.

Materials and fabrics can be used to a huge advantage in your orangery too. Use soft furnishings such as pillows and throws if you’re planning a living space. Alternatively, using smoother materials such as metals and hard woods in kitchens and dining rooms can create an exquisite feeling which oozes style.

Another thing which is vital to be considered when planning your orangery, is to make the most of the natural light available. Choosing the right blinds can complete the atmosphere created in your space, as can the use of table lamps and additional lighting.

Overall, with careful planning and consideration, the interior of your orangery can be designed just the way you want and need it, without spending over the odds

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