Veranda in Wakefield

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Once we had decided we wanted a veranda, we started our search for the right company to provide the best design for us and at a price within our budget.  After a lot of research, we decided on Aspect.  Was this the cheapest option? No.  But was it a price we were willing to pay for feeling comfortable that we would get what we wanted? Yes.

We got the most professional service from Emerson.  Emerson was different from the other reps/advisers who had been to see us.  Emerson took the time to listen and understand what we wanted then proceeded to give us suggestions rather than just telling us how it should be done.  We needed a bespoke design for our needs and whilst we had an idea of how it would look, we were guided by Emerson’s expertise and experience which we needed as we had no idea about veranda’s.

Once we had agreed on the design and price, I was very apprehensive about the workmen actually coming to carry out the work as we had just spent a small fortune on having our garden designed and landscaped so was really concerned about having some of the paving taken up, artificial grass taken up, deep holes being dug and filled with concrete to support the steel frame and just the thought of workmen in general.  What I can say though is that my worries very soon subsided as soon as the lads showed up very promptly on the morning the work started.  They were most polite lads, were extremely understanding of my concerns and they were a delight to have around.  I barely even noticed they were there.  Granted, there was plenty of equipment and some serious groundwork being carried out but they kept the mess to a minimum and maintained the garden as tidy as possible throughout.

On their final day, all I kept thinking was; there’s no way they can put the paving and grass back as it was, but again, I was fretting about nothing as the garden was all put back as though nothing had ever been moved.  I was both surprised and very very impressed.

The end result…we have exactly what we wanted and the work couldn’t have been carried out any more neater and the service from Emerson and the guys simply couldn’t have been any more professional.

Massive thank you to those involved and I would very highly recommend you and your company.

Mr & Mrs Smith November 8, 2018